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Lafayette Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury attorneys are needed when accidents occur as a result of another person’s actions. If you have been injured as the result of negligence, it is your right to seek damages to financially cover your injury and suffering.

Experienced Attorneys

You will be represented by a confident attorney that will meet with you and speak directly with you. This is not the case in many large personal injury law firms.

Great Results

Insurance companies are aware of our great trial record which leads to great settlement offers for our clients.

Attorney Doctor Relationship

We have relationships with doctors and medical providers to ensure our clients recieve the top-notch medical care that they deserve.

Client Relationships

We get to know our clients on a personal level so we can be their voice in telling their story to the jury.

Brandt & Sherman is a Client-Based Personal Injury Practice.

Recent Case Results

You will find our team to be approachable and resilient in fighting for your legal rights. Our team of Lafayette Auto Accident Lawyers and personal injury attorneys have a reputation in Louisiana for expertise and results. Schedule a free initial consultation to determine if our team is the right fit for you.

$4.3 M

Bad Faith Judgement

$3 M

Burn Injury Judgment

$2 M

Car Accident Settlement

$1.67 M

Environmental Law Verdict

$1.6 M

Wrongful Death Settlement

$1.4 M

Pedestrian Injury Settlement

Areas of Practice

Personal injury attorneys cover a range of practice areas, many of which people are not aware.  Here are just a few examples of some of the types of cases they handle:  Truck accidentswrongful deathmotorcycle accidentsbrain injuries, spinal cord injuriesburn injuries, and offshore accidents.  In addition to working on the aspects of a case, personal injury attorneys may also provide counsel in communications with the court system and with insurance adjustors. Brandt & Sherman attorneys will work tirelessly on your case so that you can focus on recovering from your injury.

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

  • Kenny Habetz with Brandt & Sherman helped me out in my time of need after my automobile accident. He was there for me. He took me by the hand and showed me the way. He helped me with my medical needs and got me to the right doctors. If I ever need legal help in the future I will be hiring Kenny Habetz again. I recommend Kenny to anyone who ever needs any type of legal assistance.

    Derrick Car Accident
  • I was involved in a serious accident while working. I didn’t know what I was going to do if I couldn’t work and I didn’t know the legal system. My life got better when I hired Kenny Habetz with Brandt & Sherman. Kenny was there for me when my company wasn’t! Kenny cared enough to visit me in the hospital after my surgery. I was very satisfied with how Kenny handled my case and as a result referred several of my family members to him who needed legal assistance. Kenny cares!

    Jason Workers' Compensation Claim
  • I was riding a lawnmower on a city street and was hit by a woman who ran a stop sign. I was hurt, couldn’t work, and the insurance company was blaming me because I was on a lawnmower. I’ve worked all my life, but I hurt my back, was afraid and I didn’t know what to do. I am so glad I hired Brandt & Sherman. Attorney, Kenny Habetz, was with me every step of the way and Kyle Sherman helped prepare me to tell my story. I was scared to go to trial, but they worked with me until I felt comfortable telling my story. Brandt & Sherman showed that stop signs protect all people, and the insurance company paid over $1 million dollars without me having to go to trial.

    Paul Car Accident & Workers' Comp Client
  • I was involved in a bad motor vehicle accident while on the job. I sustained serious injuries to various parts of my body. Kenny Habetz helped me out in a lot of ways when my employer refused to pay me workers’ compensation benefits. Mr. Habetz also handled my lawsuit against the parties who caused my injuries. The case was complex and he handled it very well! I am very pleased with the representation and the outcome.

    Todd 18 Wheeler Accident & Workers' Comp Client
  • I have the pleasure not only to call Kyle my Attorney but also my Friend- the guy who took control of a situation that I was unable to handle . When I needed him all I did was asked. He asked no questions just took the reins and handle every thing for me keeping my best interest at heart. I say this with all my heart- you will never find a better attorney/ friend to represent you or your family who will do the best job you could ever imagine !!! A person who understands your situation and will do the best of his ability to represent YOU every step of the way- I will never forget the job he has done for me and continues to do as of today.

    Annette Client
  • Kyle’s heart is as big as his will to win cases. It’s hard these days to find a good lawyer with an attention to matters of the heart. I highly recommend Kyle to anyone needing representation.

    Abby Client
  • After numerous months of attempting to resolve my issue on my own, I secured the services of Mr. Kyle Sherman. It only took one contact by him to resolve my issue with no nasty after effects. I don’t recommend anyone trying to seek justice alone, but not just any attorney will do. Kyle Sherman has the professionalism and integrity necessary for justice to prevail!

    S. Conques
    S. Conques Client
  • After my car accident in August 2013, I was overwhelmed with a totaled vehicle and growing health concerns. Kyle was there for me to guide me through the rough times. Kyle was available to answer questions and kept me up-to-date with my case. He was very helpful, supportive, knowledge and professional in handling my case. I can’t say enough about his concern, advice and expertise. He was very personable and easy to talk to and kept the legal jargon in easy to understand terms. I was quite pleased with the final settlement. If ever I need a lawyer again, I would definitely return to see Kyle for any further representation.

    David Motor Vehicle Accident Client
  • Kyle helped me out on a matter that seemed completely impossible. He saved my husband and I tons of money on the particular matter. He’s extremely passionate in his work, making sure his clients are 100% satisfied. I will definitely call him again if I ever need an attorney. Kyle saved us, and I trust him with any matter he’s capable of addressing. Totally restored my faith in the justice system.

    Casey Client
  • I, David , being represented “till today” by Kyle Sherman was an amazing experience. Mr. Kyle worked everyday, including Saturday’s and Sunday’s, for me. He was Very professional and became a Great Friend. I still use his professional services. Kyle will work every day for you, way after business hours. I got phone calls from him after 6:00pm on several occasions. Therefore, that there, assured me he was working extremely long and hard hours for me. Thanks and Friends forever, David.

    David Car Accident Client

The Brandt & Sherman Approach

The majority of personal injury cases can be settled out of court without a trial. Our legal team is prepared to help you maximize your settlement in or out of court. You and your loved ones will have peace of mind knowing that your case is in the hand of experienced and successful personal injury attorneys.

Clients First

We set ourselves apart from the competition in Louisiana by putting our clients first. As a client, you will have access to a qualified legal professional whenever you need it. Our Brandt & Sherman, LLP firm attorneys are always available to answer your questions and provide guidance from the beginning of your case until after a settlement has been reached or damages have been awarded.

Approachable & Resilient

You will find our team to be approachable and resilient in fighting for your legal rights. Our team of Lafayette auto accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys have a reputation in Louisiana for expertise and results. Schedule a free initial consultation to determine if our team is the right fit for you.

Local & Louisiana Proud

Every state’s statutes and laws regarding personal injury are slightly different. If you are injured in Louisiana, you’ll need a firm that is familiar with the laws and courts in the area. We handle personal injury cases throughout Louisiana, most notably in the communities surrounding Lafayette.

Focused Knowledge

The unique laws and statutes in Louisiana make it imperative that injured victims secure the representation of a firm that has a proven track record for success in personal injury cases. Brandt & Sherman, LLP, has handled thousands of cases in Louisiana and understands the complexities of the law and what they mean for the individuals involved in accidents.

“We offer this guarantee. If we don’t recover money on your behalf, you pay us nothing for our services!” – Kyle Sherman | Injury Attorney & Partner

We are Prepared to Help You With Your Case.

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