Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Get the commercial vehicle accident settlement you’re owed.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

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Commercial vehicle accidents happen. And when they do, insurance Goliaths don’t often want to give you the commercial vehicle accident settlement you have a right to. They’ll find reasons not to cover you, despite saying they’d protect you. When you work with Brandt & Sherman, LLP, we won’t let them win.

Commercial vehicles may be delivery trucks, vans, buses, or taxis, among other vehicles. Generally, a commercial vehicle is defined as any mode of transportation that is used for commercial purposes. You may not be able to distinguish them from other forms of transportation until you encounter one in an accident.

When insurance Goliaths turn their back on you or deny you coverage, we’ll help you stand up to them and get you the commercial vehicle accident settlement you’re owed.

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Staff here are very friendly and caring… The lawyers here or very useful and also caring they will listen to there clients and actually get to know them on a first name basis instead of looking at you like a paycheck.. I highly recommend anyone of the attorneys here but my opinion Kyle Sherman is the best!!

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