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Workers Compensation

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When people suffer from on-the-job injuries, they often have questions about their rights. Most people know they’re entitled to some form of compensation, but they don’t know how to get it. Whether you were injured in an offshore accident, working in construction or operating machinery in a factory, an experienced Lafayette workers compensation lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

At Brandt & Sherman, LLP, our Lafayette personal injury attorneys protect the rights of injured workers. If you were injured at work, one of the most important things to do is contact a doctor. Although your employer may recommend a physician, your company and/or their insurance company doesn’t have the right to choose your treating physician. Medical treatment from the physician of your choosing is your right.

When insurance Goliaths turn their back on you or deny you coverage, we’ll help you stand up to them and get you the workers compensation claim settlement you’re owed.

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Client Testimonials

I really respect my Lawyer Mr. Brandt and Sherman. They never lead me into the wrong direction and we’re up front with everything! Very honest attorneys and I would recommend them to anyone! It was a long battle but they help me get what was owed to me! Thank you gentlemen!

Shantel Delco

I am so grateful for Mr. Sherman and Mr. Jared and everyone else in the office that has helped in my case. When the insurance company started undermining me, I was referred to Mr. Sherman. Ever since meeting with him, I have been so grateful. I haven’t had to worry about a thing! They truly settled my case, and got back even more than I anticipated. But beside that, I didn’t have to deal with insurance companies which made it so worth it in the end.

Morgan Bellow

So grateful for the work that Attorney Kenny Habetz with Brandt and Sherman did for me. I could not be more satisfied. If you want a firm that is personal and fights for what you deserve I recommend Brandt and Sherman. Thanks!

Luke H.